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How To Spend It iPad app offers new mobile advertising opportunities

With daily postings and searchable content of more than 60 editions of the award-winning luxury lifestyle magazine, the FT’s innovative new How To Spend It iPad app offers exciting mobile opportunities for advertisers.

What opportunities does the app offer advertisers?

Advertisers will be able to target How To Spend It’s high net worth global audience by featuring compelling creative within the app. The app offers new mobile possibilities for advertisers, including a brand hub which gives advertisers the chance to showcase their brand and products in detail, increasing engagement.

In addition the How To Spend It app enables campaigns on the app to be ad served, and advertisers can track impressions.

Who are the advertising launch partners for the app?

Piaget is our lead sponsor and other advertisers so far are: Lanvin, Ocean Sky, Credit Suisse and Asprey.

How is advertising on the app different to the How To Spend It website/magazine?

Display advertising on the How To Spend It app is sold separately from the magazine or website, however the brand hub is a platform neutral solution available on both the website and app.

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