Our standards

We uphold the highest standards of ethical and professional journalism through our Editorial Code, when we work with advertising partners, and in the areas of reader trust, privacy and user experience.

Editorial Code

The benchmark for the FT’s journalistic practices is set by our Editorial Code. Compliance with the code is an obligation for all FT editorial staff and contributors.

Reader Charter

We use a mixture of advertising and subscription revenue to fund the quality news, comment and analysis for which we are known. Our Reader Charter sets out our commitments in the areas of trust, privacy and user experience across desktop and mobile.

Commercial Charter

Our Commercial Charter sets out the standards we will uphold when we deal with our advertising partners. It clearly explains how we will transact and the level of service you can expect from us.

Content Funding and Labeling

We publish a variety of content with financial support from third parties. We apply one of two descriptions to this content to ensure that the reader understands the provenance and funding model: ‘Supported by’ for commercially supported independent journalism, or ‘Partner Content’ for commercially produced content.