The FT is committed to reducing our emissions as a business, advancing sustainable behaviours in the workplace, and providing trusted information to readers through initiatives like Climate Capital and Moral Money.

Company goals

Working with the Carbon Trust, we conducted an extensive global audit in 2020 to measure the carbon emissions generated from our business operations and within our value chain. The results are being used to define our sustainability goals over the next decade, and we will use an environmental management system to monitor progress year on year. 


Our paper supplier, Holman, is carbon-positive and in the top one percent of sustainable companies worldwide. The FT newspaper is fully recyclable and FSC certified. In 2019, we also removed plastic packaging from all home deliveries.


Bracken House, the site of our global headquarters in London, is powered by 100 percent renewable electricity. The building is independently assessed for energy efficiency and we plan to reduce energy levels even further. We work closely with our waste management company to avoid waste streams going to landfill, and our onsite restaurant only uses compostable utensils and packaging.

Newsroom initiatives

Climate change crosses every beat and every section. We have two editorial initiatives dedicated to covering the topic: Climate Capital, a hub that draws together the resources of our global journalist network, plus our data, video and audio teams, to cover the climate story from all angles; and Moral Money, a twice-weekly email on socially responsible business, impact investing and environmental, social and governance (ESG) trends.

The New Agenda

Our global brand campaign challenges business leaders and policymakers to enter uncharted territory and create the conditions for a sustainable and responsible recovery in the aftermath of Covid-19.

Employee network

FT Sustainability is an employee group working to make the FT a more sustainable workplace. The network aims to improve signage, awareness and education around waste management and recycling in our offices, and to encourage greener behaviours at the workplace and during the commute.