29 May, 2018: The Financial Times’ Uber game has won a Gold Medal at the annual Serious Play Awards. The interactive news game transports players into the driver seat of a full-time Uber driver, with the aim of providing a deeper understanding of what it is like to try to make a living in the gig economy.

The annual Serious Play Awards recognise outstanding achievement in the field of games and simulations. As game-based learning becomes mainstream, training products that allow participants to interact with them are shown to help build skills and knowledge retention.

The game was produced in-house by an interdisciplinary team. Robin Kwong scripted and project managed, Rebecca Turner led art direction and created illustrations, Nicolai Knoll designed user interactions and experience, David Blood, Ændrew Rininsland, Callum Locke and Joanna Kao were developers and Emma Shore designed the surrounding social campaign. The game accompanies an article, ‘Uber: The uncomfortable view from the driving seat’, in which the FT’s Leslie Hook interviewed real drivers, delving into the realities of the career.

The Uber Game has also won an Award for Excellence for experimental design at the  Society of News Design Awards and a Bronze Award for innovative format at the 26th Malofiej International Infographics Awards..

The FT Uber game is free to play here.

Please find a full list of winners here.


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