The FT Group is well prepared to minimise the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on our business operations. We continue to follow and monitor official government advice in our key regions. Global and local response teams, including the FT management board, meet regularly to review our policies and guidance.

Our people 
Our top priority is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all employees across the FT Group worldwide. This includes remote working at scale and restrictions on business travel. We are prepared for a scenario in which a higher than normal number of our staff may become ill. To this end we have prioritised critical business tasks to reduce the workload on staff, offered internal secondments for teams who need extra support and nominated deputies for key staff.

Working arrangements
Home and flexible working is business as usual for many of our staff, and prior to our current setup of global remote working, we tested home-working to identify any vulnerabilities and improve our systems. 

The majority of our business systems operate in the Cloud. For activities where the FT is reliant on legacy technology, such as access to VPN, we have taken steps to stress test and work within capacity restrictions. 

Our suppliers and resilience
All FT suppliers complete a thorough business continuity questionnaire during procurement. Suppliers to the FT are geographically diverse and often have international presence. The majority of systems under direct FT management are cloud based and running in multiple regions. Where we rely on physical data centres, these are resilient and diversely located.

Printing and distribution
We have full and well-established contingency plans in place with our printers and distributors globally. We communicate directly with subscribers to provide them with digital alternatives if distribution becomes problematic.