Financial Times named the most important business read by the world’s largest financial institutions

The Financial Times has been named the most important business read, and the second highest ranking website among the world’s largest financial institutions, in the 2011 Global Capital Markets Survey (GCMS). Moreover, the FT brand (in print, online or on a mobile device) is the leading global daily media brand of choice amongst the total GCMS audience.

The survey, complied by Think Media, looks at the media consumption habits of heads of finance and treasurers of the largest organisations. The figures reveal that print media is still highly regarded among this audience, with 91 % of respondents preferring to read a newspaper everyday and 50% turning to online.

The Financial Times newspaper was the highest ranking print title, reaching 33% of the 10,000-strong GCMS universe. The Banker magazine also proved vital reading, reaching 18% of GCMS respondents, with particular influence in the emerging markets sector where 8% of those sampled consume their content online.

The Global Capital Markets Survey, now in its 13th year, is considered the top global study to reach the world’s most senior corporate decision makers.

Ben Hughes, Financial Times’ Global Commercial Director and Deputy CEO, said: “The latest GCMS highlights the strength of the FT brand, both in developed and growing markets. The FT’s reach of over a third of the GCMS universe in print, online and on mobile devices everyday, shows how vital our content is in these turbulent economic times”.

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