Financial Times subscribers can now solve the FT crosswords on the iOS and Android apps. A new digital cryptic crossword will be published each day from Monday to Saturday. ‘Polymath’, the FT’s renowned  general knowledge puzzle, and a Weekend crossword that mixes cryptic and straightforward clues, will also be published on Saturdays.

Crosswords are available up to 30 days after they are published, with the ability to save and resume started games, and play offline. Interactive features include allowing users to check entries and have single letters or words revealed if they are stuck.

FT crossword editor Roger Blitz said: “FT subscribers like puzzles, especially crosswords which have been part of the daily FT offering for decades. Our digital crosswords will enhance their interest, and we plan to keep them entertained with more interactive games and puzzles in the future. We know that this is an area that can help grow audiences.”

The FT cryptic crossword has been a daily feature of the FT since 1966, maintaining a loyal following among readers ever since. Puzzles are a habit-forming genre highly prized by traditional newspaper readers, and increasingly new digital readers.

A team of more than 30 setters drawn from many walks of life – including university professors, advertising copywriters, a construction pipeline worker and a heart surgeon – compile the FT crosswords. FT crosswords generally avoid UK centric references due to the publication’s wide international readership. Read Roger Blitz’s guide to cryptic crosswords.

The technical architecture and development of the digital crosswords has been led by Infosys, the FT’s digital innovation partner. The relationship brings together the FT’s expertise and insight with Infosys’s domain and technology capabilities to help deliver creative and immersive journalism through digital channels.

Infosys’s data, insight and digital experience also supported the release of the FT’s award-winning ‘Climate Game’ in April this year, in which players are asked to save the world from the worst effects of climate change. The content will be showcased at the ​​UN’s COP27 climate summit in Egypt and was published in Japanese in September on


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