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Second annual FT Talent Challenge invites 50 participants to solve real business challenges

This past weekend the FT hosted its second annual FT Talent Challenge, a three-day competition for international students and early career professionals to compete in teams and come up with solutions for the most pressing issues facing the media industry.

The competition attracted more than 400 applicants from 24+ countries, and the FT selected 50 finalists representing diverse backgrounds in arts, economics, data science, humanities, social sciences and finance. To make the event more inclusive, the competition featured a live video conference with a Beirut-based participant who could not attend in person, and a fund to subsidise travel and expenses for participants in need of financial assistance. 

Jon Slade, the FT’s chief commercial officer, said: “For news media, and for the FT in particular, setting the foundations for a successful future depends on us building audiences amongst younger generations. Supporting and nurturing young talent is key to our company values, and listening to diverse international groups of people is essential to the continued growth of the Financial Times.”

He added: “The winning pitch clearly understood the FT’s value proposition and presented a practical and achievable way to enter a new market.” 

For more information about FT Talent and similar initiatives, please contact the FT Talent Team at fttalent@ft.com or @FT_talent on Instagram.