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Update on independent system for editorial complaints

Following this letter to readers in April, The Financial Times Limited (FT) has appointed Greg Callus as its editorial Complaints Commissioner. The role will ensure a continued means of dealing with reader complaints following the closure of the Press Complaints Commission. His remit is to support the FT’s existing framework for handling editorial complaints, independent of the editor. Where any complaint under the FT Editorial Code is not resolved by FT’s senior editors, he will review the matter and recommend appropriate redress, including in the form of clarifications and corrections.

Callus has been appointed by the FT’s new Appointments & Oversight Committee. Its members are Baroness Wheatcroft (Chair), professor Ian Hargreaves and Financial Times CEO John Ridding. The Complaints Commissioner’s work will be reviewed by the committee, whose role is to uphold the FT Editorial Code with a view to maintaining journalistic integrity, and overseeing the work of the commissioner.

Baroness Wheatcroft, Chair of the Appointments & Oversight Committee, said: “Greg Callus is a distinguished candidate with extensive experience and a deep commitment to responsible journalism, matters of public interest and lawful freedom of expression. This important new job requires authority, a strong sense of fairness and impeccable judgement, all qualities that Greg clearly demonstrates. His understanding of UK and international media law and practice will be crucial for this role.”

Greg Callus commented: “The FT is one of the world’s great news organisations and its record of dealing with complaints, both internally and before the Press Complaints Commission, is enviably good. Nothing is more important to a democracy than a free and vibrant press. We all want journalism to be fearless and independent but also faithful to the truth, and ethical in its execution. I care deeply about both parts of that equation, and look forward to working alongside the Financial Times in this new role as its Complaints Commissioner.”

The Complaints Commissioner and the Appointments and Oversight Committee will be employed on a fixed term basis and the Complaints Commissioner’s appointment will be reviewed annually by the chair. A quarterly report on the commissioner’s activity will be published on FT.com.

Find more information on Greg Callus and the Appointments & Oversight Committee.

If you wish to request a clarification or correction, please email corrections@ft.com.

If you wish to make a complaint about any of our editorial content or journalistic activity, please contact editor@ft.com.

Where any complaint under the FT Editorial Code is unable to be resolved by FT’s senior editors, the Complaints Commissioner will review the matter and recommend any appropriate redress.

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