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The FT's more than 600 journalists work in 40 bureaux around the world. If you would like to interview a journalist or are looking for a speaker, we have included some of our top commentators by topic below.

If you would like to interview a journalist, please email mediarequests@ft.com; if you'd like to schedule a speaker for your event, please email speakers.communications@ft.com. You can also call us on +44 207 873 4181 (London) or +1-917-551-5092 (New York). 

For matters other than media and speaker requests, please call +44 (0) 20 7873 3000.

Global Affairs & Economics

Jamil Anderlini headshot

Jamil Anderlini

Asia Editor

Lionel Barber headshot

Lionel Barber


Rana Foroohar headshot

Rana Foroohar

Global Business Columnist

Roula Khalaf headshot

Roula Khalaf

Deputy Editor

Gideon Rachman headshot

Gideon Rachman

Chief Foreign Affairs Columnist

Gillian Tett headshot

Gillian Tett

US Managing Editor

Martin Wolf headshot

Martin Wolf

Chief Economics Commentator

UK Politics

Janan Ganesh headshot

Janan Ganesh

Political Commentator

George Parker headshot

George Parker

Political Editor

Sebastian Payne headshot

Sebastian Payne

Digital Comment Editor

Jim Pickard headshot

Jim Pickard

Chief Political Correspondent

Robert Shrimsley headshot

Robert Shrimsley

Editorial Director

Philip Stephens headshot

Philip Stephens

Chief Political Commentator

US Politics

Demetri Sevastopulo headshot

Demetri Sevastopulo

Washington Bureau Chief

Edward Luce headshot

Edward Luce

Chief US Commentator

Courtney Weaver headshot

Courtney Weaver

US Politics Correspondent


Nicole Bullock headshot

Nicole Bullock

US Equities Correspondent

Michael Mackenzie headshot

Michael Mackenzie

Markets Editor

Paul Murphy  headshot

Paul Murphy

Editor, FT Alphaville

Robin Wigglesworth headshot

Robin Wigglesworth

US Markets Editor

Banking & Finance

Claer Barrett headshot

Claer Barrett

Personal Finance Editor

James Fontanella-Khan headshot

James Fontanella-Khan

US M&A Correspondent

Sarah Gordon headshot

Sarah Gordon

Business Editor

Sujeet Indap headshot

Sujeet Indap

US Lex Editor

Brooke Masters headshot

Brooke Masters

Comment and Analysis Editor


Ed Crooks headshot

Ed Crooks

US Industry and Energy Editor

Neil Hume headshot

Neil Hume

Commodities and Mining Editor

Media & Technology

Shannon Bond headshot

Shannon Bond

San Francisco Correspondent

Tim Bradshaw headshot

Tim Bradshaw

US Technology Correspondent

John Gapper headshot

John Gapper

Chief Business Commentator

Matthew Garrahan headshot

Matthew Garrahan

Global Media Editor

Anna Nicolaou headshot

Anna Nicolaou

US Business Correspondent

Richard Waters headshot

Richard Waters

West Coast Editor

Work & Careers

Sarah O'Connor headshot

Sarah O'Connor

Employment Correspondent

Andrew Hill headshot

Andrew Hill

Management Editor

Michael Skapinker headshot

Michael Skapinker

Contributing Editor

Life & Arts

Jane Owen headshot

Jane Owen

House & Home Editor

Alec Russell headshot

Alec Russell

FT Weekend Editor