From left to right: Emily Lau, HR Manager, Asia; Elly Wu; Szeyeen Lim, Regional HR Director, Asia; Michael Lee

“We strive to improve social mobility of youths living in disadvantaged areas of HK.”

- Project Share

About Project Share

Project Share’s summer internship programme introduces young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to Hong Kong’s central business hub.

Students aged 15-20 are paired with experienced professionals for a summer placement. The initiative aims to build young people’s networks and familiarise them with the world of business.

The FT has been Project Share’s corporate partner for over six years. Hear from some of our stellar interns below:

Michael Lee, 2017 intern: “I found Project Share’s FT internship to be an invaluable experience. The programme allowed me to learn about working in an office environment and taught me a lot of vital skills. Young people [are given] the chance to take steps towards improving their own social mobility and opportunities to build networks by working in central Hong Kong.”

Elly Wu, 2014 intern: “My experience of working at the FT influenced my decision to pursue a career in journalism. I worked alongside the FT’s video team and even assisted them on a shoot. The programme was a life-changing experience for me.”

Amber Chan, 2016 intern: “I learnt that you have to be active when it comes to socialising. People do not mind if you make a mistake and are willing to teach you, but you have to make an effort.”

Natalie Lam, 2015 intern: "The programme helped me learn about how to be proactive. I had to demonstrate how keen I was by reaching out and asking for more [work].”

Suki Wu, 2012 intern: “Working at the FT was my first taste of work experience. The programme helped me realise my potential job prospects and got me to set career goals.”

Project Share’s programme will be returning in summer 2018. For further details, please contact