Circulation & Sponsorship Sales Manager, North Asia | Hong Kong

Why did you join the FT?
I was referred to the FT by a friend who was already working there. I was immediately impressed by the FT for its flexible working environment and emphasis on work-life balance, and I can now testify that this is all true!

What does a typical day in your role look like?
My role involves working closely with clients, ranging from luxury to banking and finance, across Asia Pacific. I attend many meetings locally, but I occasionally travel overseas to meet clients in person, too. Since there's no single solution to my work, my typical day involves a lot of creative thinking and problem-solving, which is both challenging and fun.

What has been your favourite event at the FT?
My favourite event is certainly our team off-site. Since my team is spread out around the world, we all gather in the same location once a year to for team-building and brainstorming activities. Our most recent off-site took place in Bangkok and it was great to see and hear from everyone.

What do you think is unique about the FT culture?
The FT recognises our individual needs and offers us a high degree of flexibility. We’re encouraged to figure out what works best for us individually, which helps to maximize our own productivity.

What excites you most about your job in the FT's Circulation team?
I enjoy working with my team, as we’re a very diverse group of people which creates a multicultural dynamic. Most of us are based in different countries and working together has broadened my horizon beyond Hong Kong and Asia. Our management team is very open to feedback and we're encouraged to share our ideas and views.