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Watch FT Labs TEDx talk on ‘How the web will save publishing’

FT Labs Director Andrew Betts recently delivered a TEDx talk to high school students about how he believes the web will save publishing.

TEDx events are community organised and funded unofficial TED events, but with the backing and approval of TED. This event was organised by five A-Level students from London’s St Paul’s School and gathered leading experts including Rebecca Stephens (MBE), the first woman to climb Everest, and Victor Haghani, co-founder of Long Term Capital Management.

Betts’ talk focused on how attitudes to news consumption are changing, in particular how technology companies are creating a better user experience. He discussed the benefits of HTML5 technology and how it provides more opportunity for publishers to broaden the reach of their content by adapting it for a range of devices.

The FT continues to lead the way in digital and mobile, driving innovation and offering readers flexibility and freedom of choice in how they choose to receive our content. Digital revenues now account for approximately a third of the FT’s total revenue and in 2012 digital subscribers surpassed print circulation for the first time.

View the talk.

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