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Tom Burgis wins 2013 FT Jones-Mauthner Memorial Prize

Tom Burgis has been named winner of the FT’s second annual Jones-Mauthner Memorial Prize, selected for his superb reporting and exposé of corruption in mineral-rich Angola and Guinea.

The prize recognises outstanding reporting of international affairs by an FT journalist under 40 years of age, and considers submissions of political, economic, social, financial or cultural issues, on any channel including print, digital, video or podcasts. It is intended to encourage the tradition of excellence exemplified by the late JDF Jones and Robert Mauthner during their time as senior foreign journalists at the FT.

Tom Braithwaite was awarded the runner-up prize for his exposure of dubious valuations of complex derivatives on Deutsche Bank’s book during the global financial crisis. Special commendation was given to Lisa Pollack of FT Alphaville for her work on Starbucks.

Jamil Anderlini, the FT’s Beijing bureau chief, won the award in 2012 with Samantha Pearson, the FT’s Sao Paulo correspondent, chosen as runner-up.

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