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Me and My FT – send in your photo

Send us your photos of you reading the FT (newspaper or digitally) in famous or interesting locations wherever you are around the world and we’ll put the best ones up in the FT Facebook photo gallery.

Please email your photo, along with a caption if you wish, to meandmyft@ft.com

Terms and conditions

We suggest you read these terms and conditions before sending your photo to meandmyft@ft.com. Please obtain the photographer’s permission before sending us the photo so that we know you have permission to send it. Please do not send photos of anyone other than you because we do not wish to infringe on anyone’s privacy. We will pass responsibility to you if we receive a complaint as a result of you not complying with these conditions. By sending us your photo (and any caption) ou are giving us permission to publish it for as long as we wish on our Facebook page. Your use of Facebook is subject to Facebook’s own terms and conditions which may provide Facebook with certain rights over your photo. FT is not responsible for any comments made by users of our Facebook page about your photo or otherwise. And remember, there is no prize, this is just for fun! These terms and conditions shall be construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.

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