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Lars Von Trier tells FT Weekend “I have absolutely no reason to offend Jews”.

In an exclusive interview to be published in FT Weekend tomorrow (Saturday 21st May), Lars Von Trier talks about the remarks that have seen him banned from Cannes.

Talking to Nigel Andrews in Cannes, he says:

“It’s because you shouldn’t put me in front of a microphone. It sounds a little strange, but actually I’m afraid of conflicts. At a certain point I see people around me and I want to see happy faces. So of course something I say is meant to be sarcastic or mischievous, but suddenly I realise I’m not in the middle of friends.

“I have absolutely no reason,” he adds with feeling, “to offend Jews.”

Will he be able to make up with Cannes? Or has this controversy soured the relationship forever?

“I’m quite sure it has… But – I try to see the best side of this – maybe I was producing too much with Canes in mind. Perhaps it will give me something else to live up to instead of making films to please Cannes.”

Read the full interview only in FT Weekend and on FT.com tomorrow.

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