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Investors Chronicle names top 100 funds 2013

Today Investors Chronicle releases its annual ‘Top 100 Funds’ list. The feature represents the best actively managed funds available on the UK market, selected by Investors Chronicle’s personal finance team.

The ‘Top 100 Funds’ considers funds from all major sectors and asset classes, recommending options for every type of investor. Using performance fees and data, as well as factors such as manager performance and consistency of returns, the selection offers a variety of investment options such as open-ended funds and investment trusts.

Moira O’Neill, personal finance editor at Investors Chronicle and Wincott Foundation Personal Finance Journalist of the Year 2012, says: “There are 2,500 open-ended funds available for sale in the UK, plus another 400 or so investment trusts. The choice can be daunting, so our ‘Top 100 Funds’ list is a great starting point for small investors and a good reference for more experienced investors looking for new ideas.

“The search for income remains a prominent theme among this year’s selections, a reflection of the prospect of continuing low interest rates, and we’ve added some new overseas funds in this space.

“Our growth suggestions have a global perspective and we’ve picked managers with the best track record of spotting value, despite the challenging economic backdrop in emerging markets and Europe.”

The list draws on Investors Chronicle’s body of research and analysis and a collection of interviews with fund managers, stockbrokers and independent financial advisers.

The list will be featured in this week’s issue, available from Friday 6 September on newsstands and online.

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Note to editors:

The ‘Top 100 Funds’ is collated independently and Investors Chronicle receives no renumeration from any of the companies to be included in the list.

About Investors Chronicle:

Investors Chronicle is the authoritative source of fund & share tips, analysis and independent commentary to help private investors make money. Investors Chronicle magazine and investorschronicle.co.uk are Financial Times publications.

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