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In the US, free Google Nexus 7 offered with Financial Times subscription

In the US, the Financial Times is giving away a free Google Nexus 7 tablet with the purchase of an annual premium FT.com or combined newspaper/FT.com subscription. The offer, valid until December 17, is available at FT.com/nexus7offer.

The promotion is a natural fit for the FT’s increasingly multi-channel and mobile audience, with almost 14% of all readers now accessing the FT on two or more channels daily, and mobile users generating a quarter of all traffic to FT.com. Mobile also now drives 15% of new subscriptions to FT.com each week.

Subscribers can then access the FT on their Nexus 7 using the FT Android app, combining an optimum tablet experience with award-winning FT journalism. The app, available to all FT users at FT.com/Android, is part of the suite of popular FT mobile apps that also includes the FT Web App (winner of a Global Mobile Award for Innovation in Publishing and the 2012 Meffy Award for Best Publisher on Mobile), the Windows 8 app and HTSI iPad app.

Rob Grimshaw, managing director of FT.com, said: “As the tablet market rapidly expands in the US and demand for cutting-edge, small-screen devices continues to grow, this smart offer reinforces the FT’s multi-channel subscription model, giving subscribers full access to FT journalism on any device of their choice with a single log-in.”

The campaign is being supported by advertisements in the FT newspaper and on FT.com, and by other targeted marketing initiatives.

Learn more at http://www.ft.com/nexus7offe

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