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FT’s head of emerging technologies discusses the FT’s new web app

FT group product head – emerging technologies, Steve Pinches, gives an update on the FT web app 10 days after launch.

What feedback have you received so far about the FT Web App?

Since we launched the app on 7th June, we have received very positive feedback. We saw over 100,000 users during the first week and comments include recognition of the technical capabilities of the app and being at the cutting edge of technology – the FT is the first major publisher to launch a web app. Users have also expressed appreciation for the improved speed of the app and look and feel enhancements when using on the iPhone.

What are the next steps for the app?

We will take a two-fold approach to improvements to the app. Firstly we will focus on adding new content to the existing app, including special reports, newspaper graphics and the ability to save articles for later. Secondly we will develop the app for other devices including Honeycomb, Samsung and BlackBerry Playbook.

When will the FT app be released for Android and BlackBerry?

Our next priority is releasing the app for Android devices, both large and small screen. Following that we will work on an FT web app for BlackBerry Playbook.

What are some of the most popular features on the app?

Our initial analysis shows that the Companies section is the most popular, followed by the Life and Arts section which makes up around 10% of consumption overall. Other popular features include Markets Data, World, Markets and Lex. Interestingly, we are seeing much more leisure-type usage, with user peaks early morning, evening and around lunch time. This suggests that as well as a core tool for use during the business day, like FT.com on a desktop, the app is an accessory being used on the way to and from work and planning for the day ahead.

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