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FT launches online-only learning platform for prospective board members

4 May 2020: Today, the FT announces the launch of Board Director Online, a virtual learning programme designed to help senior business leaders gain the skills they need to become effective board members. 

The online-only courses include sessions on governance best practice, talent management and the importance of maintaining a strong corporate reputation. Participants can pick and choose the topics relevant to them or take the entire series. 

“Boards are under increasing pressure to balance the best interest of their shareholders with the safety and well being of their workforce,” said Jenny Fazakerley, head of Board Director Online. “As businesses grapple with uncertainty resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, this course will ensure prospective decision makers have the necessary skills and insight to effectively lead their organisation in the future.” 

Board Director Online is the FT’s latest online-only offering aimed at aspiring leaders. With more than 16 years of experience and over 2,800 members across the UK and Asia, the Financial Times Board Director Programme runs a number of workshops, networking events and formal courses in London and Hong Kong designed for aspiring and existing directors who are looking to develop their career and expand their professional network.