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FT/Economist Global Business Barometer shows bullish sentiment among business leaders

The Financial Times and The Economist today publish a new global survey that reveals twice as many business leaders think that the world economy is going to improve in the next six months than think it will get worse.

The FT/Economist Global Business Barometer, based on interviews with over 1,500 business executives around the world, will highlight not only the change in business sentiment but the differences between regions and sectors. It will also help pinpoint what corporate leaders see as the biggest risks over the coming months.

John Thornhill, news editor at the Financial Times, said: “Our aim is to establish the FT/Economist survey as the most authoritative barometer of global business sentiment. Spanning most industries and regions of the world, it provides unique insight into the thinking of the business leaders who shape the global economy.”

The barometer can be found at http://on.ft.com/jsrs2U.

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