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FT and Nikkei launch Excedo, a new language learning solution for the global business community

LONDON – 11 February 2019 – The Financial Times and Nikkei Inc. announce the launch of Excedo, a language learning solution for business professionals in Japan, and their second joint venture. Excedo will help organisations and their employees develop the competencies and communication skills needed for global business.

Excedo is the first online English-learning solution built around a business skills framework and the first to combine language, communication and cross-cultural skills within a global business context. The Excedo MethodTM introduces a curriculum based on key competencies identified for global business by the World Economic Forum and OECD and uses an active learning approach that helps learners retain upwards of 80% of the material.

“In today’s connected world, it is imperative for business professionals to communicate across borders and cultures,” said Tas Viglatzis, CEO, Excedo. “We have built Excedo with that need in mind - to create confident communicators who can build effective relationships in a global business environment. As Japan looks to 2020 and beyond, we are delighted to be launching Excedo to help Japanese companies and professionals reach their full potential globally.”

“The launch of Excedo supports the FT’s mission to provide the global business community with the tools to make better decisions,” said John Ridding, CEO of FT Group. “In partnership with Nikkei, this initiative supports our efforts to champion and promote quality, responsible business and drive connections between businesses wherever they are based in the world,” he continued.

Excedo is headquartered in London, with offices in Tokyo, Bangkok, Barcelona and Krakow. The Japan launch will be followed by additional launches in select markets in Asia and Latin America later this year and in early 2020.

For more information, please visit: www.excedo.com

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About Excedo

Excedo is a learning solution that enables business professionals to communicate confidently and effectively across borders and cultures – helping individuals and their organisations to succeed globally. Our organisation is led by a team of experts in language learning, online education, business skills development, and innovative technology.

About the Financial Times
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