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Financial Times to host new technology conference in partnership with Facebook

London: The Financial Times will tomorrow host its first technology conference aimed at advanced web developers and browser vendors, Edge. The FT has worked with Facebook to deliver the event, which is curated by the Financial Times’ web development and application company, FT Labs, hosted by Facebook and is also supported by Google.

FT Labs Director Andrew Betts said: “Edge is a new kind of event, something different to the normal tech conference. We have curated seven sessions on different aspects of advanced web technologies and panellists have been hand picked to offer a diverse range of perspectives and experience. We also vetted delegates, choosing those we thought would be best able to contribute to the discussion. Edge is designed to be a collaboration between all participants: panellists are there as much to learn from the delegates as the other way around.”

The FT continues to lead the way in digital and mobile, driving innovation and offering readers flexibility and freedom of choice in how they choose to receive FT content. Digital revenues now count for approximately a third of the FT’s total revenue and digital subscribers exceed print circulation. Mobile channels count for 25% of total FT.com page views and drive 15% of new subscriptions.

Edge aims to push forward the frontiers of the web and increase awareness of the FT’s technology communities and digital innovation. It will bring together a significant number of thought leaders in the web community and videos of the sessions will be released on YouTube afterwards. Places for the conference are closed but you can sign up for more information about future FT Labs events.

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