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Financial Times to hold inaugural FT Hack Day

This week, the Financial Times will host its first FT Hack Day, an exciting opportunity for developers to let their imagination take over and create innovative products.

This creative 24 hour event is a collaboration between FT developers and invited external guests. Developers will be invited to invent and build new products using a range of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) from both traditional and new media, including the FT’s search and content APIs. The APIs allow access to FT’s content in a flexible manner, enabling developers to merge with other APIs to create new, cutting edge products.

FT.com Mananging Director Rob Grimshaw said: “The FT’s culture of innovation has helped us develop some ground breaking products, including our HTML5 web app, which has seen more than 2 million users since its launch last June and recently won the ‘Best Mobile Innovation for Publishing’ prize at the Global Mobile Awards 2012. This is the first in a series of FT Hack Days, providing an opportunity for developers to use their expertise in emerging web technologies to create new digital products and services that will benefit FT readers.”

The inaugural FT Hack Day will run from 23rd – 24th May. Follow @FThackday for live tweets from the day, or use the hashtag #fthackday.

Registration is now closed however there will be opportunities for external developers to participate in future events in both the UK and US.

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