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Financial Times remains the top international print brand among Europe’s highest earners

The Financial Times has been named the top international print brand in the 2012 European Media and Marketing Survey (EMS) of the continent’s highest income earners this week, in terms of daily print coverage and website coverage in a 30 day period. Moreover, the FT is the largest international daily newspaper and reaches almost 1.3 million affluent European readers every day in print and online.

FT.com was the highest ranked print website, reaching 3.5 million users in Europe every month – an increase of 11% from last year’s EMS survey.

The syndicated survey examines the news consumption habits of Europe’s highest earners by income, representing 13% of the population or over 40m people. The EMS simultaneously releases the results of its Select 3% survey which evaluates the top 3% of Europeans or 8m people. The figures reveal that the internet and newspapers are by far the most popular media channels that Europeans turn to to get business and financial news.

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