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Financial Times remains Europe’s most important business read

London: 20 October 2010: Europe’s most powerful business people continue to read more copies of the Financial Times than any other publication, according to the latest Business Elite Europe survey from Ipsos MORI.

The BE:Europe 2010 figures show 69,554 of Europe’s business elite read the FT every day, giving the global title a market share of 15.3%, up 4% year on year, while 9.2% thinks the FT is the most important business read, up 1.3% year on year. The title’s online performance has also shown growth, adding over 14,000 monthly readers – more than any other website measured by BE:Europe – with a higher than average growth rate of 26%.

Ben Hughes, FT’s global commercial director and deputy CEO, said: “While online readership growth is accelerating, print remains a core medium for the FT as demonstrated by the BE:Europe survey. By investing in our editorial operations, increasing our access to some of the world’s most powerful leaders, we can offer our readers global stories with expert local content.”

This investment in premium financial and business content is also paying off amongst the business elite elsewhere around the globe. BE:Asia 2010 (released last month) revealed that the Financial Times has increased daily readership by 16.5% on last year – the biggest increase of any international English speaking title in Asia. The combined reach of the FT in the region, both in print and online, also increased its daily online reach more than any of its peers (15.7% year on year).

BE:USA shows an increase of 18% in the number of of elite business influencers reading the Financial Times – the strongest audience growth among newspapers. The FT’s success in the US was backed up by the 2010 Ipsos Mendelsohn Affluent survey, which credited the FT with the strongest growth in online audiences.

The BE:Europe study is the second recent major audience report to show the FT’s importance to Europe’s most important business spenders and high-earning consumers. The European Media and Marketing Survey (EMS), released last month, found that the FT is the number one international news provider for the top 3% of Europe’s high earners, reaching over 600,000 people every day.

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