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Financial Times launches multi-million dollar marketing campaign in US

The Financial Times launches today a multi-million dollar print and digital marketing campaign in the US, underscoring its position as the authoritative source on US and global business, economic and political news. Creatives will include:

  • An image of thousands of red, white and blue cars lined up to form the US flag, invoking the confident American manufacturing spirit and implying that it may be coming back.
  • The iconic geological image of a horizontal drilling rig with the rock strata being represented by the American flag, focusing on the energy revolution that is occurring in the US due to shale gas ‘fracking.’
  • Stars from the European Union flag surrounding President Obama’s head, showing the possible hard-hitting effect of the eurozone crisis on the US economy.

Caroline Halliwell, Director of Marketing for the Financial Times, said: “This campaign reflects the FT’s unwavering commitment to delivering a sharp perspective of global business news and analysis with intelligence, insight and wit. It also represents a substantial investment in the US, one of our fastest growing markets.”

The advertisements will appear in print and digital editions of The Economist, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Fast Company, Fortune, CNN Money and New Scientist throughout the summer.

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