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Financial Times launches ASEAN Confidential

Third service in FT Confidential series provides research and insight into Southeast Asian economies

The Financial Times today launches ASEAN Confidential, a premium digital research service offering exclusive insight and analysis into the economies of Southeast Asia.

Building on the success of China Confidential and Brazil Confidential, ASEAN Confidential will bring subscribers actionable information about investment themes in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), including Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam as well as others in the region. It’s a subscription-only product available online and as a monthly PDF report.

ASEAN Confidential provides ahead-of-the-curve analysis compiled by an extensive network of researchers in Asia and the UK. Analysts survey thousands of consumers to generate proprietary data on how real estate, financial, investment, consumer, manufacturing and trade trends are set to unfold. It’s aimed at international investors, fund managers, corporations and finance professionals.

  • Key features of the service include:
  • FINANCE: detecting trends in fund flows, weightings and forward positions of fund managers
  • CONSUMER: generating data on consumer spending across Southeast Asia’s rising middle class
  • REAL ESTATE: generating data on property buying patterns, and expectations of property price changes in the region
  • MACRO VIEW: a macro overview on the key economic factors influencing each economy, including Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam, written by our researchers on the ground
  • BIG CALL: an actionable call on a key theme made using proprietary research
  • METRICS THAT MATTER: a compilation of key metrics across Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam

The new service will be led by Liz Chong, Head of Research for ASEAN Confidential, and overseen by James Kynge, Principal, FT Confidential.

Kynge commented: “ASEAN comprises 10 countries and nearly 600 million people benefiting from strong GDP growth and surging consumer demand. Our proprietary data gives investors and corporations an early take on trends, helping them make more informed investment decisions, while our on the ground network of researchers provide invaluable insight as to what’s happening at a grassroots level.”

Subscribers to ASEAN Confidential will receive regular scheduled reports and unscheduled alerts, as well as access to the ASEAN Confidential research team for dialogue around key issues. To inquire about subscription packages and to find out more information visit: www.aseanconfidential.com.

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