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Financial Times Hits 1m Followers on Google+

Following the launch of Google+ in November 2011, the Financial Times has built up a loyal base of followers and has recently reached the 1m milestone, making it the fastest growing newspaper on this platform.

With the ability to personalise content to specific audiences based on what users are interested in, Google+ is much more than a social network. From hangouts through to the built in search capabilities Google offers, this platform is an important new communications channel.

The FT remains focused on achieving a high-quality digital presence and personalisation is akin to that. We also wanted to create additional touch points for our readers, allowing them to read FT content where and how they choose.

In developing its Google+ page, the FT opted to emphasise captivating content and exclusive reporting. As early adopters quickly took to Google+, it might have been easy to focus on highlighting tech and digital content on the platform, but the FT has gone far beyond this remit, sharing a wide variety of content from correspondents around the world and has seen a strong response.

Part of the social media team’s strategy has also been to play up to the highly visual nature of the platform and rich-media content such as videos, images and infographics have proved particularly successful.

For the FT, maintaining a leadership position in the dissemination of news and information online has meant a company-wide commitment to encouraging and embracing social media.

Visit the FT’s Google+ page at https://plus.google.com/113457471429583444041.

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