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A year in Bordeaux: Jancis Robinson delivers her verdict on the 2010 vintage

The wine world embraced Bordeaux 2009 with praise and pleasure, but has the region enjoyed another great year in 2010? After tasting hundreds of samples in Bordeaux this spring, the FT’s unrivalled wine critic Jancis Robinson explains why the unseasonal weather that characterised the vintage has served many of the winemakers well.

Rain in June, and cool grey skies in July and August, have produced wines with a refreshing acidity. The alcohol levels are high – but the elements are successfully balanced.

“Both 2009 and 2010 have massive, record-breaking amounts of alcohol (thanks to the high sugar levels in the grapes), tannins and colour. The big difference between the vintages is in the acid levels. Thanks to the cool nights and generally lower temperatures, 2010s have much higher levels of acidity and, in some cases, the tannins taste much drier. This makes the 2010 vintage much more structured, and arguably more refreshing”.

Read her column in the FT Weekend Magazine to discover which chateaux have made the biggest improvements – and where to pick up the bargains.

So look out for this week’s FT Weekend magazine (in the UK) and go online (under the Arts & Life section) for more on the story.