We are keen to reach FT readers in new ways, and are launching a WhatsApp broadcast list. To be a part of this exciting new experiment, add the phone number listed below in the grey box to your contact list and send the message “start” via WhatsApp. (If you don’t have WhatsApp, see our guide below.)
We will only send you one story per day, a big story or analysis. Something that perhaps you might not have read otherwise, but that we think is worth your time. Whether you are a subscriber or not, it will always be free (outside of the FT’s subscription paywall).


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I don’t use WhatsApp. What do I need to do?

You need to download the app to your phone, and then follow the instructions. There are versions for all the main systems – iPhone, Android, Windows and BlackBerry. Here’s the download guide from WhatsApp.
Can I stop the service?

Yes, you just reply STOP to one of the messages and that’s it.
What about my phone number?

The FT maintains the highest standards of data protection. We will use your phone number for the purposes of administering the WhatsApp broadcast list and to inform you if we set up a separate WhatsApp list about a different topic that you may wish to join. Please also refer to the privacy policy of WhatsBroadcast.com, who are administering the broadcast list on FT’s behalf. Please also refer to FT’s terms and conditions.
I’m an FT subscriber already – should I sign up?

Feel free, you might like the convenience. If you are an FT subscriber, you can of course read as much of our journalism as you’d like. The WhatsApp group will simply alert you to a great story that you might not otherwise have seen.
Will you change the terms? Will I have to pay anything, or will you send lots of marketing messages?

No. The deal is one story per day, free. We might send you an extra message if we set up a separate WhatsApp list about a specific topic, in case you want to join that group too, but we won’t use the details you provide here to send messages about other FT products or offers.


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