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Profiles of Financial Times (FT) journalists available for interviews, conferences and speaking opportunities.

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Lionel Barber, Editor

Lionel Barber has lectured widely on US foreign policy, transatlantic relations, European security and monetary union in the US and Europe. As editor, Lionel has interviewed many of the world’s leaders in business and politics, including US President Barack Obama and Premier Wen Jiabao of China.


Martin Wolf, Chief Economics Commentator

Martin Wolf is one of the UK’s foremost economists. He has been a forum fellow at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos since 1999 and a member of its International Media Council since 2006. Martin’s most recent publications are The Shifts and the Shocks: What We’ve Learned—and Have Still to Learn—from the Financial Crisis (Penguin Press, 2014), “Why Globalization Works” (Yale University Press, 2004), and “Fixing Global Finance” (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2008 and Yale University Press, 2009). His FT.com blog is Martin Wolf’s Exchange.


Gideon Rachman, Chief Foreign Affairs Commentator

Gideon became chief foreign affairs commentator for the FT in July 2006 after a 15 year career at The Economist. A renowned commentator and author, his recently published book: “Zerosum world: Politics, power and prosperity after the crash”, looks at issues that have affected the global economy. His particular interests include American foreign policy, the European Union and globalisation. Gideon writes the FT’s The World blog on international affairs.

Philip Stephens, Associate Editor and Chief Political Commentator

Philip Stephens is an associate editor of the Financial Times and the newspaper’s Chief Political Commentator. He has been the FT’s economics editor, political editor and editor of the UK edition.

Chris Giles, Economics Editor

Chris leads the reporting of economics in the newspaper and on FT.com. He covers international economic trends and the British economy as well as contributing to FT.com’s Money Supply blog. He won the Royal Statistical Society’s prize for excellence in journalism in 2008.

Lucy Kellaway, Management Columnist

For the last decade Lucy’s weekly column has poked fun at management fads and jargon, and celebrated the ups and downs of office life. In her 30 years at the FT Lucy has been energy correspondent, Brussels correspondent and a Lex writer.

Andrew Hill, Management columnist

Andrew writes a weekly column on developments in business, strategy and management. He is an associate editor at the Financial Times and a regular speaker at conferences and on television and radio.

Roula Khalaf, Deputy editor

Roula’s areas of expertise include Iraq, where she has travelled extensively, the Gulf, North Africa, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict as well as, more recently, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen.

Peter Spiegel, News Editor

He has overseen the FT’s coverage of the European economic crisis and Europe’s role in global affairs, including as Brussels Bureau Chief. Peter has also covered foreign policy and national security issues for the FT, including the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

George Parker, Political Editor

In 2010, George was elected chairman of the parliamentary press gallery and shortlisted for the UK Press Gazette awards as political journalist of the year. He is a regular broadcaster on television and radio and is a guest presenter of Radio 4’s “Week in Westminster” and “What the Papers Say”.

Patrick Jenkins, Financial Editor and Assistant Editor

Patrick oversees the FT’s financial coverage, with a focus on financial services and investment. He leads a team of journalists globally and work closely with editors in the markets, Lex, FT Money and FTfm teams. Patrick was previously banking editor, covering major global banks with a particular focus on Europe, and led the FT’s global financial services reporting team.

Brooke Masters, Companies Editor

Previously Brooke was the chief regulation correspondent for the Financial Times, covering the UK Financial Services Authority and working with reporters around the world to cover global financial regulation and white-collar crime cases. Brooke can also comment on banking, stockbroking and asset management.

John Thornhill, Innovation Editor

John Thornhill is the FT’s innovation editor. He oversees the FT’s award-winning global comment team to transform the way the FT commissions, edits and publishes commentary on multiple platforms. Prior to this, Thornhill worked as the FT’s deputy editor, news editor and the editor of the European edition of the Financial Times.


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