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FT Technology wins at DevOps, Digiday Awards

The DevOps Excellence Awards showcase outstanding achievement from organisations and people working within DevOps. DevOps refers to collaboration between software developers who create new software, and technical operations teams who maintain systems.

The FT’s Technology department has undergone significant transformation over the past few years, as multidisciplinary teams now collaborate to build and maintain effective systems rather than operate in a production line type structure. Bringing technical teams closer to journalists means the FT is better equipped to deliver world-class journalism to readers in the formats they want. Read more >>

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New Financial Times brand video series focuses on its readers

Marketing campaign showcases the role of trusted journalism during uncertain times

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FT Journalism wins two SABEW awards

The Great Land Rush looked at the global forces working to buy up land in several nations in the global south, and the local conflicts that produced. The individual stories, covering Ethiopia, Myanmar and Indonesia, were told with visually striking photography, gifs, videos, and interactive graphics. In notes accompanying the award, SABEW judges said the series “gave its audience a bit of everything — a tale with epic sweep (‘from Myanmar to Saskatchewan’), parallax-scrolling web pages, graphics, maps, photos, videos, and a podcast. Even the writing was a visual feast.” Individual FT journalists Tom Burgis, Pilita Clark and Michael Peel were named in the award.

Frozen Dreams: Russia’s Arctic Obsession was produced under the banner of FT Features, which has also made films investigating the illegal wildlife trade and Chinese migration. Frozen Dreams looked at the special place the far northern parts of Russia have in its national imagination, and the often hard lives lived by its residents in inhospitable environments. The judges said the film, “represents the best of digital video. It is more than informative. It’s illuminating.” FT journalists Kathrin Hille, Vanessa Kortekaas, Steve Ager and Russell Birkett received the award. Read more >>

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FT Weekend unveils new brand identity

March 17, 2017: The Financial Times is revealing a refreshed FT Weekend tomorrow, complete with a global brand marketing push and a new print and digital subscription bundle that combines premium digital access to FT.com and delivery of the Saturday newspaper. The campaign is aimed at a growing readership who favour the immersive experience of print on the weekend while remaining highly engaged with digital journalism during the week.

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FT scoops five prizes at Press Awards



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Financial Times publishes Commercial Charter



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