Our commitment

The Financial Times (FT) is committed to becoming climate neutral. As part of this, we have focused on reducing our waste and increasing recycling.

Our actions

We have made significant improvements in our recycling rate over recent years. From January-November 2015, we recycled 83.3% of our waste and converted over 70 tonnes of waste into energy, saving 1157 trees and avoiding 146.38 tonnes of CO2 emissions and 780.6 m3 of landfill.

Waste collection system

As part of a wider building refurbishment, we introduced a new waste collection system.

Key features

  • Individual bins removed to focus attention on reducing resource use.
  • A new recycling focal-point service centre: standard waste (paper, newspapers and magazines, cardboard, plastics) is now stored and transported in a single skip and mechanically sorted at our recycling providers’ premises.
  • An initiative to recycle alkaline, lithium and nickel cadmium batteries.

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