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The Financial Times (FT) has a global staff of around 2200, of whom 600 are editorial staff. Our mission is to be the gold standard in global business news and analysis The FT aims to make its authoritative, award-winning and independent journalism available to readers anytime, anywhere and on whichever device our international and increasingly mobile audience may choose.

A key factor in realising this is in the recruitment and retention of the best possible people.

  • We attract them through our reputation for integrity, quality and innovation.

  • We retain them by creating a vibrant working environment that nurtures talent and provides opportunities for development.
  • There is no single type of person who works at the FT, they are all from different backgrounds united by a passion for compelling, smart journalism. If you’re looking for a global workplace that nurtures and rewards talent, find out more here: http://on.ft.com/1QausEn.


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