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A Note from the Editorial Managing Editor

James Lamont, UK Managing Editor

A note from James Lamont, FT UK Managing Editor:

“Journalism is about people – they are the readers we write for, the sources we interview and the colleagues who sit beside us. In an increasingly competitive media landscape, the continued success of the FT depends on us recruiting and retaining the very best people.

Casting the net as widely as possible through our annual graduate trainee scheme, the various fellowships we offer and a growing internship programme is one way of finding the very best.

On our part, this represents a substantial commitment. We expect our current staff to give generously in terms of time and guidance to help our trainees, fellows and interns to navigate the corridors of the FT while they are here.

We give substantial, often privileged, access to the inner workings of the newspaper, the website and sometimes to non-public information.

In return, we expect enthusiasm, a willingness to learn and professional conduct. If journalism, or specifically financial journalism, turns out to be the wrong choice for you in the end, that does not matter – but you owe it both to us and to yourself to give it a fair shot”.

Editorial Internships

We offer a number of short-term internships, which offer a practical insight into the world of FT business journalism within our newsroom, weekend and visual desks.

FT Newsroom Internships

Editors discuss breaking news © Charlie Bibby/FT

The aim of each newsroom internship is to give the applicant a practical and otherwise privileged insight into the world of journalism. The programme as a whole allows candidates to work with some of the highest calibre journalists in the field on a multi-edition global publication.

This programme is designed to introduce graduates to careers in journalism by exposing them to the functioning of a 24-hour global newsroom. The Financial Times is focused on distributing the highest quality business news and analysis. Those chosen will be expected to play an active role in the paper, assisting the reporters and editors wherever necessary. Interns will have the opportunity to attend the editorial news conference and gain experience in one of the following areas:

  • Markets
  • Companies
  • World
  • Business Education
  • Beyondbrics
  • FT Special Reports
  • Comment & Analysis


Enthusiasm for journalism and specifically the FT as a product is the most important requirement for the internship. However, the selection process is competitive and most of those chosen would have had prior experience with either broadsheets or local newspapers.

Successful candidates would have some financial knowledge, and have a genuine interest in business, economics and current affairs. Ideally writing samples (published/unpublished) that demonstrate a clear dedication to business journalism would need to be supplied.

Important Information:

Internships are open to graduates and will usually last for a period of four weeks. Applicants must be eligible to live and work in the United Kingdom. Please see FAQs for more information.

Entry Details:

  • CV
  • Covering letter (stating availability and preferred areas of interest)
  • Samples of writing in English (ideally journalistic)


to internships@ft.com. Only the applicants who are selected for final consideration are interviewed. Receipt of application will be acknowledged.

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FT Weekend Internships

A selection of weekend magazine and newspaper supplements © Charlie Bibby/FT

FT Weekend Magazine Internship

FT Weekend has a global reputation for the quality of its journalism. The Weekend Magazine covers the same range of subjects as the weekday FT – everything from business to politics to science to sport – but with a different approach to the stories, whether through narrative reportage, photo essays or short columns and graphics.

Interns will be expected to carry out a range of tasks, including fact-checking, proof-reading, research and some administrative work. Opportunities for writing will be encouraged alongside these duties.

Candidates should be graduates with excellent writing skills, prior experience in an editorial environment and have a keen interest in magazine journalism.

FT Life & Arts Internship

Life & Arts is the wide-ranging and popular broadsheet section of the FT Weekend, covering books, fashion, travel, arts and culture and aimed at the FT’s educated, affluent and international readership. It is the home of Lunch with the FT, the FT’s flagship global interview, as well as of popular regular columns including Tyler Brule’s Fast Lane.

Editorial interns are a valued and respected part of the team and can expect to undertake a varied range of tasks each week, including research, fact-checking,
proof-reading, social media work and some administrative tasks. We aim to give all interns the chance to write by-lined copy, usually in the form of supplementary
boxes and features alongside main articles.

Candidates should be graduates with an excellent standard of written English and a wide-ranging, inquisitive interest in culture, from high to low and from pop to classical.

We offer two month internships although we will make exceptions at times for those who can only come for one month. This internship supports the Life & Arts section editor and her team as well as the books and travel editors.

FT House & Home Internship

House & Home is one of the most successful and best read sections in the FT. Apart from wide-spread coverage of property markets and architecture, House & Home runs the following weekly features:

  • high profile interviews from ambassadors to authors to entrepreneurs and philanthropists
  • gardens by the eminent classicist Robin Lane Fox
  • interiors
  • and an Agony Uncle column by Sir David Tang

FT Weekend has a global reputation for the quality of its coverage of property and design, which includes lifestyle, architecture and gardens.

Interns will be expected to have a good working knowledge of the section. They will assist the House & Home editors and be part of a hard-working editorial team, carrying out a wide range of tasks, from researching a property feature to general admin and support for the House & Home editors.

Eligibility / Requirements:

Candidates should have a developed interest in journalism; good communication skills; a proactive attitude and the ability to multi-task effectively.

How to Spend It Magazine Internship

The Financial Times is offering the opportunity for hands-on experience working on the FT’s award-winning colour supplement How to Spend It. Widely regarded as the benchmark for luxury lifestyle magazines, it is distributed globally with the FT 30 times a year.

Interns will be expected to carry out a range of tasks such as fact-checking, research and administrative work.


We welcome candidates that are school leavers and undergraduates. We are less concerned with academic proficiency and the ideal candidates will have an intense passion and drive for magazine journalism.

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FT Visual Internships

A panel of FT journalists being interviewed in our video studio © Charlie Bibby/FT

FT Video Internship

The Financial Times is offering graduates the opportunity for hands-on-experience working with the video team, with a focus on media management and production. The intern will learn the full video production process from researching, organising and auditing footage to some administrative tasks.

Candidates should have a strong interest in video news production, an awareness of media management systems and be able to work with PC, Mac, Adobe and Final Cut Pro.

FT Design & Graphics Internship

The FT’s design and graphics department produces award-winning page design and graphics for the daily news and feature pages, weekly selections and digital platforms. Interns gain experience in all areas of graphic design from typography and page layout to data-visualisation and HTML 5.

We welcome applications from graduates in graphic design with Adobe CS skills and experience with HTML 5 and CSS.

Please send your CV, covering letter, your availability together with samples of your design work.

FT Interactive Internship

Work experience on the FT’s interactive news desk is suitable for graduates with skills in data journalism, interactive design or web development, who want to gain experience of working in a fast-paced newsroom.

The internship is open to graduates with an understanding of statistics, cartography, data journalism, web development or interactive design. The ideal candidate would demonstrate an enthusiasm for developing innovative forms of online storytelling.


Candidates should hold a degree in data journalism or similar and should provide portfolio of work. To apply please send a CV and covering letter outlining your interest in interactive news and dates you are available.

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Internship Experiences

This is what previous interns had to say about their experiences; to read more, visit our blog, Editorial Intern Experiences.

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Editorial Awards and Fellowships

Editorial offer a number of internships and competitive awards, with small bursaries, for aspiring journalists.

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