The Wincott Foundation has named the Financial Times’ economics editor Chris Giles (@ChrisGiles_) its Financial Journalist of the Year 2014.

Its annual press awards, set up in 1969 in honour of British economic journalist Harold Wincott, recognise “outstanding achievement in the field of economic, business and financial journalism”.

The judges, led by Chairman Sir Geoffrey Owen, former editor of the Financial Times, said: “2014 was Chris Giles’ year. The Financial Times economics editor found flaws in inequality guru Thomas Picketty’s statistics, he figured out that George Osborne’s budget cuts would have to be much deeper than previously understood and he spotted hidden in some World Bank statistics that China was about to become a bigger economy than the US. He even shamed the Bank of England into dropping its bizarre practice of destroying records of its Monetary Policy Committee meetings.”

Read more of Giles’ work on here.

The award comes hot on the heels of a number of recent honours for the Financial Times at the News Awards and the British Media Awards.



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