I spent two weeks with the FT Special Reports team and received a variety of tasks to take on. Coming up with ways to publish stories on social media and finding innovative ideas to present ideas online were my main tasks.

I also was given an opportunity to pitch an investment feature for the FT Wealth magazine. The editor liked the idea and gave me the green light to pursue it. This meant overseas telephone interviews, research and the chance to write long-hand journalism. I researched current trends in the watch and jewellery technology industry and found suitable images for online-based stories. For the Innovation Report I got the chance to create a timeline story over the most important health innovations over a 100 year period of time.

Working with the Special Reports team has been educational, interesting and helped me focus my career path in journalism. The people on the team were all very friendly, helpful and always made sure I had something to keep me busy. Some of them even spoke a little Norwegian, which I must say was very surprising and impressive. I would recommend everyone who has a genuine interest in journalism to pursue the opportunity to work and learn from this team.



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