In October half-term I spent a week at the Financial Times as part of my work experience. During the course of the week I was able to see a wide variety of different parts of the newspaper and how they worked first-hand. Overall I was very pleased with the experience I gained at the FT. As someone who is interested in pursuing a career in journalism, I found it hugely beneficial, and I learnt a lot about how different parts of the paper function, including some which I was unfamiliar with.

Spending the day in the Houses of Parliament was the highlight of the week, and I enjoyed seeing Prime Minister’s Questions from the Press Gallery. In many ways the Palace of Westminster is like a small village, it was interesting to hear about the culture that surrounds ‘Burma Road’, the corridor which is home to the parliamentary offices of several papers.

Special Reports and FT Live were two sections of the FT which I did not know a great deal about before my placement. Both appealed to me because of the sheer range of topics that they cover, and the way that they promote the paper throughout the world. From this I learnt that there are more ways than one to get into journalism and media.



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