Interning at the Financial Times ‘How to Spend it’ magazine has been a very interesting and rewarding experience, heightening my awareness of the importance of precision. Not the sort of precision that hurried footnotes in a university essay take but the meticulous, detailed, checking and double-checking of facts. Indeed, even my concept of what a ‘fact’ is has changed. Amending and ticking documents and taking calls from brands in Paris was strangely satisfying. Answering the phone as ‘Alice from How to Spend it’ or emailing from the FT email account made me feel included in the process and working community of the magazine.

This experience has transformed my approach to reading. No longer shall I sit on the tube languidly flicking through articles in a newspaper. I will appreciate the time and effort that has gone into the journalism and the process by which a magazine or newspaper develops. Sitting at my desk in the office, seeing the different computer screens, each working on a different facet of the magazine, from images to copy, reinstated the importance of teamwork and gave me a glimpse of the work I aspire to do. I was also in awe of the editor’s energy and unbelievable attention to detail, would you have noticed that ‘couture jewellery’ is an incorrect term? I am very appreciative that I was able to work in such a beautiful, well-written and carefully assembled magazine and feel that my role, however small, contributed to the evolution of forthcoming issues.

Perhaps I have become a more interesting and knowledgeable person as a result.




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