5 July 2013: Vanessa Friedman, the FT’s fashion editor, has been named ‘Fashion Journalist of the Year’ for a general interest/lifestyle publication at the inaugural Fashion Monitor Journalism Awards. The awards recognise excellence in fashion and beauty journalism, reflecting the impact of journalism on brand success and it’s role in informing, educating and entertaining readers.

Last year, Friedman was named winner of the Newswomen’s Club of New York Front Page Award for best fashion reporting. She is the author of “Emilio Pucci” (Taschen) and an honorary professor at Glasgow-Caledonian University.

Friedman writes a weekly column for the FT and edits a daily blog, Material World, which deals with the fashion and luxury industry from both a corporate and consumer point of view, as well as the subject of dress.

Find her on twitter at @VVFriedman.

More information on the Fashion Monitor Journalism awards is available at http://www.fashionmonitorjournalismawards.com/.


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