The Financial Times picked up six prizes at the 2011 Society of Publishers in Asia Editorial Excellence Awards on 8 June in Hong Kong.

The awards highlight editorial excellence in both traditional and new media and are designed to honour and encourage editorial vitality and innovation throughout the region. They cover a broad range of categories reflecting Asia’s diverse geo-political environment and vibrant editorial scene.

First place wins:

  • Excellence in Opinion writing – David Pilling and Geoff Dyer for their series of columns on ‘Chinese paranoia and a clash over prizes’
  • Excellence in Opinion writing (Chinese) –

Honourable mentions:

  • Excellence in Human rights reporting – Amy Kazmin for ‘Love and Dishonour in India’
  • Excellence in Feature writing – Amy Kazmin for ‘Love and Dishonour in India’
  • Excellence in Multimedia News Presentation – Joe Leahy and James Fontanella-Khan for ‘Mumbai – Living the Dream”: Following Mumbai migrants on Facebook’
  • Excellence in Reporting on the Environment – Amy Kazmin for ‘Scrutiny of Adherence to India’s Environmental Laws’


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