How long have you worked at the FT and what do you cover?
I started in May 1987. I cover business and markets and sort of everything that the FT covers, except politics.

What made you want to be a journalist?
Actually, I was 21-years-old and I couldn’t think of anything else to do.

Top three tips for success?
As a Journalist:
1. Be inquisitive.
2. Talk to LOTS of people.
3. Make friends with editors to make your writing better.

First CD/tape/vinyl that you bought?
My first Vinyl was the Beatles Blue Collection.
My first CD was Elvis Costello.

Recommend a book?
A visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan and Rogue Male by Geoffrey Household.

Most embarrassing moment?
One time I fell into the pool on the roof at the Soho House. I thought it was one of those glowing disco floors and I just walked right into it…it was quite good.

Biggest fear?
Being found out.

Motto for life?

Tell us a joke…
I always forget jokes.


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